Product description

W-Charger is the wireless induction charger signed Giesse. Allows you to charge your smartphone in the simplest possible way: just place it onto the base. You don’t need any more cable. W-Charger is available in two options: recessed base D80 with quick release or external base with rectangular hole D10.

W-Charger: The characteristics of the product

– Adaptable to any mobile

– Standard system QI

– Ease of use

– Small size: 80 mm

– Thickness: 12 mm

– Radiated power: 5W

– Input: DC 5V/1A, Max 2°

– Output: 5V/1°

– Charging current: 5 V/1000mA

– Transmission Range: 7 mm-8 mm (maximum distance)

– Charging Efficiency: ≥ 70%